Cut-out animation in Blender

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Cut-out animation in Blender

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Do you want to create spectacular animation out of static picture? Or animation like in Spine 2D? Or maybe you want to create your own motion-comic?

The «Cut-out animation in Blender» course will help make your dreams come true!

Blender is a powerful software for animation. You can download it absolutely for free and use without any limitations. As usual it’s used for creating 3D cartoons, what takes a lot of efforts and time. But few people know about a great plug-in CoaTools. The plug-in gives us opportunity to create simple, but impressive 2D-animation from static pictures with least expenses of efforts and time.

The same technique was used for creating “Pepper & Carrot” motion-comic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTb1_w8hvqY)

In this video course you will learn:

-How to install and configure required applications.

-How to prepare your picture for animation.

-How to import the picture to Blender correctly.

-How to create a character rig.

-How to fine tune the skeleton deformation and bones influence on the picture.

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